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"Jeff and the team at Bright Prosthetics are miracle workers for anyone who cannot get a good prosthetic fit, has tried everything, and wants to give up. You want to see someone work tirelessly trying to figure out a problem, that's what Jeff loves to do and he WILL figure it out and get you comfortably walking again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND"

"You made the perfect leg!!!! I beat the dog snot out of it this weekend and I am still up and moving!!"

~Steve D. 

     Left below knee amputee, suction suspension, 0-        ply sock, wearing 14-18 hrs/day

"I did not realize that wearing a prosthesis could be this comfortable, it feels like my natural leg did.  I have no discomfort, I am now able to wear my leg all day and I feel more stable and confident walking."

"It was such a pleasure getting to know you and learn more about the specialty prosthetic care that Bright Prosthetics offers to amputees. I was impressed with the results of our mutual patient and what great work you do with your patients. Getting him out of his wheelchair and walking independently again was an awesome patient outcome, especially after 2 years of his struggling with his prosthetic fit/pain from his prior prosthetic provider. I really have such great respect for you so please never change your focus even if your business gets really large and you have to become a big corporation one day! You are such a unique person in the healthcare field. It is difficult to find individuals like you who truly care for their patients so deeply." 


              -Clinical Coordinator

"Prior to meeting and working with Bright Prosthetics, I struggled to even tolerate wearing my old prosthesis and I was not able to walk for 4 years.  My old providers fit me quickly and did not focus on the detail like Jeff does.  Now I am able to wear my Bright Prosthetic leg all day long. I am walking with a single point cane, standing again to cook, shopping, going out to church and my quality of life has improved and I feel like I can do almost anything" 

"You did an amazing job fitting my prosthesis and getting me going compared to my old prosthetic provider and you really impressed my doctor. They can not believe how well I am walking and personally I can not thank you enough. Keep doing what you are doing!"

After almost 3 years of struggling with a prosthesis from another provider that did not fit right and was painful to wear I finally convinced my father to go elsewhere.  Through a mutual friend we landed at Bright Prosthetics, they are absolutely AMAZING!  Jeff and his team made sure my dad's new prosthetic was 100%.  Explaining all the while how to utilize it to the fullest and emphasized over and over if something changed to let them know. I haven't seen my dad up and mobile in such a long time.  Because of Bright Prosthetics he is regaining his independence.

Dana (daughter of BKA amputee)

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