News update:  (9/6/19)

We have just completed our move into our new clinic location and started seeing patients on September 3rd.  We only moved 1.2 miles from our original clinic location but it has still been a long project.  We required more clinical and lab space to keep with our mission of helping amputees succeed and to be able to offer more amputee specific events.  Our business has grown rapidly from scratch during the first 5-1/2 years, our growth, and now our move has been made possible by our high patient satisfaction and prosthetic outcomes.   As a prosthetics only provider, we are 100% focused on amputees and not distracted by providing shoes, orthotic or other care.  We feel this is important because we care about our patient outcomes.  Our new clinical space incorporates and offers an expansive 30'x30' fitting / training room that we will be using to help better our patient experiences.  We will also be hosting our FREE monthly Amputee Walking Running Clinics and other special amputee related events in this new area.  This is a area within the clinic where amputees can interact and learn from each other or enjoy a cup of coffee while we are doing our work in our in-house lab. 


Bright Prosthetics is a specialized prosthetic clinic and our office does not have that normal medical office look.  We have a passion for providing quality prosthetic care and work hard taking care of our amputees.  Our purpose is to do way more than simply provide an arm or a leg to someone, we will work to restore lost function as much as possible after an amputation.     

If you feel you need a fresh start or simply need answers then use Bright Prosthetics as a resource because we are here to help, please give us a call.  

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